Child Care Centres
'excellent return on capital'

We are licensed (since 1997) Sydney based business brokers. We are child care sales specialists.

Child Care Centres: Buying a Child Care business is like buying any business, the risk verses reward equation must be assessed; am I getting a fair reward for the risk I am taking with the capital being invested?

Like most businesses the price of a centre is based on multiples of profit. The multiple paid for a Child Care Centre Business is based on many factors which will be unique to each Child Care Centre.

Child Care Centres allow many people to enter the work force or study and up, which helps to alleviate skill shortages. For this reason the Australian Government developed the Child Care Benefit System (CCB). Families earning less than the predetermined threshold, receive a reduction in their fees at centres.

Child Care, Kindergartens, Long Day Child Care Centres, Day-care Centres are all typically different names for the same service. The industry is highly regulated by State and Federal bodies and all operators need to operate within the guidelines.

Child Care businesses are a part of the community and as stand alone businesses, managed and run well can often achieve excellent profits and investment returns.

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Child Care Centres for Sale